Pandesal Vendor 'Kokey' Robbed by a Snatcher in Caloocan (VIDEO)

By: jayleen in News

A 12-year-old pandesal vendor identified as Mark Christian a.k.a. Kokey was allegedly robbed by an unidentified snatcher in Caloocan. A short video capturing the traumatized kid, whose body was extremely shaking, has gone viral in social media.

In the 47-second video uploaded by Christopher Pacheco, a man is seen trying to comfort the pandesal vendor. The resident in the area also helped to calm the poor victim.


According to various sources, a man was allegedly pretending to be his customer but when he got closer to Kokey, the suspect drew a knife and pointed it to him. The man violently threatened to harm Kokey if he won't give his money amounting to P200. The kid didn't fight back and he just followed the demand of the suspect.

The grade school student is reportedly selling pandesal to support his study and the daily needs of his family. Here's the viral video of Kokey, the pandesal vendor who got robbed in Caloocan city.




Posted by on 11 Oct 2014

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