Website of AEGIS Compromised by Philippine Hackers, Site is currently down

By: DiversityHuman in News

The global website of AEGIS is currently down after the server has been allegedly compromised by hackers who identified themselves as PhantomhackersPH, Lulzsec Pilipinas and others.

The groups officially announced its massive attack against the website and hinted that AEGIS Malaysia should be prepared as well. The groups' notifications were posted yesterday, September 24, 2014. On their respective Facebook pages, the leader of the teams announced a hackathon and initially mentioned "Are Your Ready Kids ? Especially Aegis Malaysia ? -GodLike -Phantom Hackers.PH".


The local hackers injected an html script on the website with a message "HAHA Alam Na Dis! \m/ GodLike Was Here -Phantom Hackers.PH -LulzSec Pilipinas!" The footprint is still up as of writing.

You might want to watch the trending video titled Men Riding-in-tandem Robbed a Girl in Quezon city.

Netizens quickly speculated that this effort could have been triggered by the unethical promotional video of Aegis Malaysia that was made available on the web few days back.

Following their massive online operation, the groups extracted and downloaded important documents of AEGIS which may also contain information regarding it's BPO business in Malaysia. The leaked files includes docs, spreadsheet, and pdf containing classified information about the company.


As of writing, AEGIS is yet to issue a statement regarding the Philippine hackers who successfully sniffed and downloaded their company files.




Posted by on 24 Sep 2014

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