NO underwear Anne Curtis' Wet Look Video goes Viral: Anne's Birthday Performance on ASAP

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NO underwear Anne Curtis' Wet Look Video goes Viral: Anne's Birthday Performance on ASAP


Actress Anne Curtis turned 28 and celebrated her birthday on Sunday with a performance on ASAP which stunned millions of viewers here and abroad.

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Anne Curtis had a very distinct birthday celebration this year. In fact, the video of her celebration went viral few hours after her performance on ASAP. Anne Curtis surprised the audience with a "Wet Look" style as she performed Rihanna’s “Diamonds” wearing a black gown with a slit so scandalously high it suggested she was wearing no underwear. - InterAksyon news

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Anne Curtis had "no panty" when she appeared and performed Rihanna’s “Diamonds”. Oh noh! Is this true?

We became curious when we heard that Anne Curtis didn't have an underwear during her birthday performance on ASAP because the noontime show is also seen on TFC which means millions of people around the world might have seen her "Wet look" video that shows the Kapamilya actress with no undies!

We tried checking Anne Curtis' "Wet Look" video frame by frame but we don't think Anne Curtis had no panty. Take a look at some vivid photos below and decide the scandalous claim.


By the way, we don't think that Anne Curtis would make a scandalous moment during a noontime show like the one done by Lovi Poe on Party Pilipinas last month. And, would you think Anne Curtis would let herself ruin her own birthday celebration with a scandalous video?

Just watch the "Wet Look" video and decide if Anne Curtis wore no underwear during her performance.

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Anne Curtis performs Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show via Showtime

Alternate video (poor quality)

Related Video:

Anne Curtis performs Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show via Showtime

Update#1: This issue was cleared when Anne re-tweeted stylist Pam Quinones saying that the dress has a 'built-in underwear.'


Here's what Anne Curtis said on Instagram:

TAAAADAAA! I present to you the controversial @boomita outfit I wore for my birthday number on ASAP. As you can see we have a bodysuit with a hidden tangga to make way for the sky high slit skirt. It is made out of 2 pieces. In fact the "tangga" is made out of swimsuit material which Boom Sason is also known for making. I was completely protected. It may have seemed like a wardrobe malfunction to many but I can assure you, after making the mistake of not securing myself once I wouldn't let that happen to me again. :) So to settle all your minds I just had to post this. Thank you to everyone that was concerned! To everyone that's trying to make an issue out of it! Thank you! ABSCBN news just told me its their most clicked on video on their site ever! Just relax everyone! Wearing a tangga is no newbie in the industry! It's been around since the 80's :)


MTRCB to investigate ASAP over provocative outfit and "NO underwear" performance of Anne Curtis last Sunday


MTRCB - No sanctions to 'ASAP' over Anne Curtis' "Wet Look" No Panty Video in Youtube

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