Bea Alonzo lip lock kissing scene with Ronaldo Valdez

Bea Alonzo earns her 10th year in the showbiz industry and it marks her movement into the next level of her career. She is currently promoting her Star Cinema movie - "The Mistress".

Bea Alonzo, 24 and Ronaldo Valdez, 64 had a lip lock kissing scene which is kind of intriguing thing to me. I wonder what was her feeling when she had that kiss with the veteran actor.

On Bea's latest press conference, she admitted that it was not easy to her. Director Olivia Lamasan said Alonzo was trembling. The film maker also said that Valdez told Alonzo: “Don’t feel awkward… and don’t think I’m taking advantage of you.” According to Inquirer entertainment news, Director Lamasan told Bea that if she won't make the scene right, she'll have them redo it again and again.

I'll watch this movie and see the facial expression of Bea while doing the lip lock kiss with Ronaldo Valdez. BEA-alonzo-lip-lock.jpg

The Mistress is a reunion romantic drama film with Bea Alonzo's longest on-screen partner, John Lloyd Cruz. The film was shot in various locations in Cagayan Province. The movie will be out on September 12 nationwide.

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