False Prophets in EDSA

When I was on my way home the other day, a couple of young men and women caught my attention. They were properly dressed and they took a ride on several buses in EDSA. So what were they doing at the middle of heavy traffic in Makati? They were looking for some preys to exploit! public_preaching.jpg

It wasn't the first time that I saw these people and maybe you have observed them too especially if you are a commuter. Or sad thing if you were one of their victims. They make easy money from the so-called "sinners of the world". How do they do it? I will tell you some strategies they do and the usual things they make while on board the speeding buses.

First, they need to dress up and be good looking to the public. They are professional fashion designers, trend setters, and most of all they are also the typical fashion victim. Second, they need to have envelops, newsletter tracks, or donation boxes(trying to be like Red Cross). Third, a decent spacious bag(maybe they have weapons in it). And most of all, the ultimate armor, shield, and sword - the Holy Bible.

They are now all set to start the day and will scatter into several spots in EDSA.

Their favorite location is a bus stop. Of course, that's where they can look for a bus full of passengers(preys). I see them too in MRT and LRT stations but just quite a few of them. You can easily distinguish these people only if you are a long time commuter in EDSA. They will not show their weapons, you can't see their Bibles, they won't show biblical newsletter tracks, etc. One they get into the bus, they either take the seats at the front or they sit at the middle but not at the far end of the bus. They will wait for the bus to start moving and after a minute or two. Hell yeah, they will start doing their thing.

Brothers and sisters, a pleasant day to all of you. It's a great day to meet you, Allow me to share the word of God as the world is at the dawn of its end.. etc

And you will just suddenly hear them saying,

Sinners are bound to hell, repent, ask forgiveness, and accept Jesus as your personal savior.

Are these words based in the Bible? Yes and no arguments in this premise can be brought about.

They preach and share the word of God in less than 10 minutes including prayers for those who are willing to accept Jesus Christ to be their personal Savior.

All of these are excellent deeds in sharing the gospel. But there is something wrong. After the closing prayer, an envelop would be given asking people to give money. This is absolutely horrible! Why are they doing this? They even mock people and to the extent of destroying the belief of other denominations. Jesus Christ never asked money when he made rigorous preaching from one nation to another. And why are they not paying fares when boarding several buses? They are annoying to some passengers but at least most of the passengers are giving out respect or they might be too shy to tell them that they are causing hassle during peak hours.

Is this how the way they are being indoctrinated by their church heads, pastors, etc? They are making this act to make money and not mainly to spread the words of God.

1. Why do they need to dress up? Answer, in order for them to fool bus drivers and conductors that they are really a "paying" passenger.

2. Why do they need envelopes and donation boxes? Answer, an easy way out of telling people that this won't go their pockets. Yeah, it says 'donation" but are we really sure that it won't go their church treasure bank?

3. Why are these people have spacious bags? Answer, they need to hide their secret weapons. If a conductor or bus driver would see them with a Bible plus donation boxes plus newsletters, etc. Most likely they will be asked prior to their entry and they don't like that. No bus entry, means no money.

4. And the Bible? Answer, reading verses that would be useful to make people draw money out of their pockets. Remember, though 85% of the population in Philippines is somewhat losing their belief on the existence of God, they still have this fear when it comes to the Holy Bible.

I maybe talking too general, but this article applies to those people who are asking money in return of their short preaching. Not all of them are doing the wrong thing. I saw one preacher in MRT who set expectations on the onset of his preaching. He said, "I don't need your money, I am here to get your attention and let you hear the sweet words of the Lord." He started to read Bible verses, it was an awesome experience. I've been an atheist for about nine (9) years but hearing out that guy was a memorable moment.

To all false prophets in EDSA, go back to your churches. Repent, ask forgiveness, and follow the right path. Re-read the Bible, seek God's wisdom to understand the Bible, and don't be a fool to sell your soul to those church head money makers.

Feel free to provide your own feedback using the comment box below. Humans have the same brain structure but we have different opinions.

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