Warship from Europe will be transferred to Philippine Navy

By:DiversityHuman 13 May 2012 Politics 3 Comments
Philippine Navy locally made Attack Craft and Landing Craft Utility : Published on August 07, 2012

Latest Update: Be surprised with the latest acquisition of Philippine Navy and Philippine Air Force - warships and brand new supersonic jets as of August 3, 2012

Another warship will be added in the Philippine Navy inventory aside from the second Hamilton Class cutter that will Maestrale-class-frigate.jpgarrive this month, said President Ninoy Aquino. This current acquisition increases our warship inventory to three.

Speculations are all over the web whether President Ninoy Aquino decided to purchase Maestrale class frigate or Lupo class frigate from Italy. See the warship photos below. It is also being said that Philippines and Italy signed a 5 year agreement for a fast track procurement of Italian-supplied new and used military equipment.

The administration of President Ninoy Aquino has already spent $351 million dollars for the Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization program compared to roughly $50 million dollars for the past three (3) administrations.

Why are we buying junk warships from other countries?

Simple answer. We could not make a quick jumpstart and buy advance warships even if we have enough budget because it takes a long period to develop knowledge in handling efficient maintenance procedures.

This November, three multi-purpose attack crafts will also be delivered to the Philippine navy.



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Latest Update: Be surprised with the latest acquisition of Philippine Navy and Philippine Air Force - warships and brand new supersonic jets as of August 3, 2012
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no decision made yet from Philippine Navy if they're going to purchase the said Warship from Italy, but compared to American warship, this is more suffesticated than those with the hamilton class ship just because it is missile ready and Italians are wiling to maintain the said technology to this ship prior to sale on Philippines

lem1 Sunday, June 17 2012 - 01:49

Tama sana ikaw nalang maging presidente namin para umunlad pa tayo lalo hindi na sana old stuff sana parliamentary na tayo at cha cha ba tawag dun hehehe sna matuloy ayaw ko na ibang presidente kayo lang kaya magpaunlad satin

nel Monday, July 30 2012 - 04:41

Kahit Junk lang naman binili ng ating mahal na presidenti ... basta meron tayu....diba?. ginagawa ya ang lahat ng makakaya para lang sa ating bansa., bibili lang tayu ng mura basta hindi lang made in china.. ok lang yung luma basta hindi ka agad2 masira... =D suggest ko sa ating mahal na NINOY mas bigyan pansin yung mga taong mahihirap...mahirap pa ang ating bansa para bumili ng mga warship at jets we can buy lots of jets if we are rich....bka malapit na =D

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