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Sunday, June 26 2016

[VIDEO]Kiko Matos to Baron Geisler - "I love you. Mahal ko siya"

Kiko Matos admitted to the local field reporters that he loves Baron Geisler after their much anticipated fight. In the video, Matos said, "Mahal ko siya".

Could this be a bromance? This might sound funny but netizens quickly concluded that the actors might have fallen in love to each other. In the interview, the indie actor explained that he hugged Baron inside the ring and whispered to Geisler, "Mahal kita".


Both fighters embraced each other after the match.

Baron received heavy punches causing a lot of bruises on his face. If you want to watch the replay of their fight, the video is available below.

26 Jun 2016 anonymous
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Friday, July 31 2015

DIVATUDE | Are Divas Born or Made?

Are divas really born or made? Does it come with DNA or technology? At the age of six, I wonder what and how divas are made. Between Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama who is more diva certified?


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We all have different concepts of being a diva, but with the fast pace life cycle how it is being defined changes like a blink of an eye. Now I'm 27, I've been through a lot of ups and downs in life. Name it, from headaches to heartaches. I realized being a diva is not about having a glamorous lifestyle, having a pretty face which makes paparazzi go insane, or having a famous beau. These current definitions of diva are so lame and so aesthetics. Being a diva for me is a total package. Oh yeah, I know its a bit general and easier said than done, right? But have you ever wonder how the word "DIVA" came up? What's more ironic is that the real definition of DIVA is way better that what you really think.

31 Jul 2015 anonymous
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    DIVATUDE | Are Divas Born or Made?

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