Sunday, December 25 2016

My Nochebuena Makes You Realize That You Are 1000x Wealthier Than I am...

Majority of the Filipinos entirely took the 2016 Christmas celebration to the next level. The feast this year is way luxurious compared to the previous Christmas occasions. However, the way I celebrated Christmas at my home will make you realize that you are 1000 times richer than I am.

25 Dec 2016 admin
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Monday, December 5 2016

What Is Facebook Year in Review and How to Create the Video?

Internet users are asking about Facebook's year in review feature after the giant social media platform unveiled its latest video creator app. Are you familiar on this latest trend?

We noticed in the past two days that social media users are proudly sharing their "Year in Review 2016" videos. We initially ignore the additional function of Facebook but we've been getting a lot of inquiries asking further details about the app including a request for a guide on how to create the video.

05 Dec 2016 admin
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Monday, November 14 2016

Watch:Rapbeh Videos are Scandal of Claire Marielle Miralo

Have you watched RapBeh videos on the internet? Do you know the scandal of Claire Marielle Miralo? Do you find it reasonable to have a legal battle and sue the uploader of the videos?

These were just some of the questions thrown at me by some of my colleagues in the office. RapBeh videos are allegedly circulating online and causing query saturations on search engines for relevant keywords of the scandal linking the beautiful girl Claire Marielle Miralo.

14 Nov 2016 admin
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Tuesday, July 5 2016

This Boy Inspires Strangers But Can You Hold Your Tears While Reading His Story?

The story of a 15-year-old kid who almost consider a certain mall as his own home in Laguna province is currently making the rounds online. This draws a lot of attention since he inspires random people he meet inside the shopping center in Sta. Rosa.

You might be puzzled as to what is the underlying story behind this jolly boy who gamely entertain strangers in Robinson's mall, Sta. Rosa. At first glance, he looks just like any other ordinary kid but once you know the details of his life, tears will surely drop from your eyes.

Meet Tristan Dynel Gogit, the kid who crossed path with Elisa Regalario Secillano at the food court in Robinson's mall, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.


Tristan was trying to get the attention of mall-goers when he spotted Elisa, the netizen who shared his inspring story on social media. Tristan slowly came closer to Elisa to beg help so he can buy his medicine for his ailing one last kidney. This is where the heartbreaking story has all started.

According to Elisa, Tristan went to their table and sat opposite to them. Then the kid gently asked her if he could sing in exchange of medicine that he needs. The group was initially hesitant but Elisa convinced her friends since she previously saw the performance of the boy.

The friends of Secillano were totally amazed the moment Tristan started to sing the Christian song "Hesus". The golden voice of the kid sounded like a tune of an angel singing from heaven.

Elisa quickly took her phone to record Tristan which she uploaded on Facebook.

Here's the viral video.

05 Jul 2016 admin
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Monday, August 3 2015

[Video] The Impossible: Robbie Maddison Manages to Float on Saltwater using his Dirt Bike

Robbie Maddison made history when he managed to drive his dirt bike and remained floating on saltwater. The daring stunt was captured on cam and has gone viral on the internet. 


03 Aug 2015 admin
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Google Domains Mistakenly Exposed Hundreds of Customer Email Addresses

Google Domains is currently under fire after a certain support representative mistakenly sent out a notification to active users while exposing their actual email addresses. The incident reportedly occurred last Friday, July 31, 2015.


A total of 1,664 active Google Domains users, whose email accounts are at risk of spam attacks, turned to Twitter to share their feedback and comments regarding the huge error committed by the largest search engine in the world. The hashtag #googledomains became one of the top trending topics on social media last Friday night right after the the company blasted an email to their domain registrants.

03 Aug 2015 admin
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Sunday, June 21 2015

Sink Hole/Fault Line in Pangasinan Causes Panic

A land fissure found at a certain school in Pangasinan triggered concerns among students, teachers, and parents. The panic incident was merely due to many people who believe that it's a sink hole or could have been a new fault line traversing the school's perimeter.


Photo Courtesy of ABS-CBN news

A land crack or fissure was discovered by the students of Balite Sur Elementary School during the Brigada Eskwela 2015 clean-up behind their campus in Pangasinan. The initial report immediately spread to local residents causing sudden panic and fear to parents of the children.

21 Jun 2015 admin
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Divers Saw Mysterious Giant Sea Creature in Ticao Island (VIDEO)

A video showing a very strange and unknown giant sea creature found in Ticao Island, Masbate has caught the attention of internet users. The divers who had a close encounter with the mysterious underwater creature believed that it was pyrosome(1).


The interesting clip triggered a debate in Youtube whether the giant underwater creature is a pyrosome or simply a collection of huge egg mass from a diamond-shaped squid. The discussion was even intensified on Facebook where users cited that the interesting floating body shouldn't be considered an egg mass until it has been proven by experts.

21 Jun 2015 admin
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Sunday, June 7 2015

OFW News: Filipina Domestic Helper Killed in a Car Accident in Hongkong

An Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) was reportedly killed on Monday evening due to a car accident along Pok Fu Lam Road in Hongkong. The 52-year-old housemaid sustained fatal injuries according to the medical experts.


Photo: Courtesy of

A press release statement issued by authorities fully describe the horrible accident. It mentioned that the driver of a concrete mixing truck lost control of the 30-ton vehicle along Pok Fu Lam at around 5 p.m. then it hit the car driven by a Filipina domestic helper. The 55-year-old Chinese lady, the OFW's employer, was also inside the car when the accident occurred.

07 Jun 2015 admin
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Ruby Lloren Robbed and Burned to Death in Malaysia

A pinay named Ruby Lloren was allegedly burned to death and robbed by an unidentified suspect in Malaysia last Tuesday. The crime reportedly occurred while her Malaysian husband was still at work.


Major news outlets in the Philippines published some information of the crime when the family members of Ruby Lloren allowed the local journalists to conduct a short interview. Sheila, sister of the victim, shared the tragic story to the press and said they learned the incident when Ruby's husband proactively communicated the crime on the same day that Ruby Lloren was burned to death in the couple's apartment in Malaysia.

07 Jun 2015 admin
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