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Sunday, April 6 2014

Kobe and I Could’ve Won 5 to 6 Championships Together - Shaquille O'Neal

The Shaq-Kobe tandem was feared by many teams during the early part of 2000’s. They bulldozed their way to three championships. They reigned supreme for three consecutive years from 1999 up to 2002.


Personal differences and altercations over their statuses and roles on the Lakers' team caused them to split up when O’neal got traded by Lakers and was sent to Miami Heat while Kobe remained a Laker. Coach Phil Jackson testified about the troubles that his two phenomenal players had during their last season together on his book, “The Last Season: A team in Search of Its Soul”.

The bond that was shared by Kobe and Shaq which started on 1996 didn’t end up well when the two got separated on 2004. I can still remember their “face-off”, the match between the Lakers and the Heat, which featured both of them squaring off and playing against each other. It was hyped back then and drew a lot of attention.

Just recently, Shaq was asked how many championships he and Kobe Bryant would have if he was not sent to the Miami Heat. He said, “ 5 or 6 “.

06 Apr 2014 Sherwin
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Monday, March 31 2014

Paul George got Miami Stripper "Daniela" Pregnant, Offered $1 Million to Abort the Child?

I have been a big fan of Paul George since he lifted the entire Indiana Pacers team on his back last playoffs against the defending champion Miami Heat. He went head to head with Lebron James and was able to stand his ground against the best basketball player in the planet today. His emergence as a new NBA superstar wasn't only because of his superb basketball skills, but also due to the humility that he showed to his fans, teammates and even to his opponents.

31 Mar 2014 Sherwin
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Sunday, March 30 2014

Despite Reaching its 10th Year, Facebook will Soon Meet its Downfall Come Year 2017-- Researchers

Facebook was founded by no other than Mark Zuckerberg during his tenure at Harvard University. Although he took up Psychology in that prestigious university, his skills in programming was astounding. Before Facebook was created, he already made other social networking sites like Coursematch, which you can view people taking up the same degree as yours and Facematch where the strikingly gorgeous faces were rated.


Facebook was created on February 2004. Harvard students and professors were its first members. Followed by other universities. Its popularity was like a plague. Yahoo and Google tried to buy Facebook but Zuckerberg rejected both of their proposals.

Imagine if Zuckerberg accepted their offer, would Facebook still look the same as it is today? Will it still be celebrating its 10th year anniversary?

30 Mar 2014 Sherwin
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NBA Players Will Become Naturalized Players for Smart Gilas Pilipinas

Are the future naturalized NBA players a good option for Smart Gilas Pilipinas?

Philippine coach Chot Reyes has been firm about letting Douthit play in Spain for the FIBA World Cup, as the 6'11" center still has some gas left in his tank. However, a rumor about acquiring the services of foreign-born players is making waves online.


Smart Gilas Pilipinas Logo

For now, it is still apparent that Douthit can still be a solid contributor and a key player to Smart Gilas’ chase for basketball glory in the coming FIBA World Championships. He was awarded the best import in the recent FIBA Asia tournament and has been a stronghold in Philippines’ gold medal finish in the newly concluded Southeast Asian games.

30 Mar 2014 Sherwin
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Saturday, March 29 2014

Hotel President Wilson: The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite

Did you know that the most expensive hotel suite in the world which has a rate of $65,000/night is located in Geneva, Switzerland? It has panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, bulletproof doors and windows for visiting celebrities, a state of the art elevator, 12 apartments, a Steinway grand piano, billiard room, library, and fitness center.


This place is highly recommended for security-conscious people such as celebrities and politicians, or for merely mistrustful people. If you are one of them, then there's nowhere better than staying in Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson Hotel, which boasts Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc sceneries. The wealthy individuals surely have the rights to enjoy staying in places like this and spend their money on whatever they want. If they earned their money from sheer hard work, they also have the rights not to be condemned and be obliged to take every poor people off the streets.

29 Mar 2014 Sherwin
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Saturday, March 15 2014

Ancient Nuclear Explosion Overwhelmed India 10, 000 Years Ago?

A newly excavated primeval city was found in India and it has been rumored to have caused cancer and high rate of birth defects to the locals living near the area. The radioactive emission is extremely high which prompted the Indian government to place a barricade around the site.


Scientist uncovered an ancient metropolis where evidences reveal an atomic explosion which took place 8, 000 to 12, 000 years ago. The nuclear blast allegedly ravaged most of the structures and approximately decimated half a million residents. Another researcher estimated the intensity of the ancient explosion at nearly the same as the one in Japan, that occurred seven decades ago. The place is in Rajhastan (west of Jodhpur, India), where a three-square miles area purportedly emits heavy amounts of radioactive ash which pose threat to a housing facility currently under construction.

15 Mar 2014 Sherwin
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Sunday, March 9 2014

This Fascinating Story Could be the Perfect Solution to Corrupt Politicians in the Philippines

Talkeetna, Alaska - A certain place in the icy region, where dappled American politics isn't something that its citizen should worry about, has a very unusual political party led by its mayor for around 17 years. The local leader in Talkeetna, Alaska, has a consistent sky rocketing approval rating with over 6000 subscribers and has more followers on Facebook than any conventional politicians. All that while just being being a "Cat".


It’s not that I’m underestimating cats’ capabilities, but a politician cat? This is strange and totally unbelievable; however, let us take a closer look at Mayor Cat’s successful run in politics.

It all started in 1997 when the citizens of Talkeetna, with an estimated population of 800, were unsatisfied of their candidates for mayor. Coincidentally, resident Lauri Stec, manager of Nagley’s General Store, saw a box of kittens and decided to espouse one. Stubb was the name that he gave to the kitten because he didn't have a tail and soon the whole town was in love with him. No one expected that a cat would have a future political career. Then citizens allegedly wrote him in for mayor instead of the other two candidates which they thought were incapable of being a mayor. Not of much surprise to many locals, Stubbs won the election. He has been re-elected several times and still the ruling Mayor in Talkeetna. He holds the position nearly 17 years straight.

09 Mar 2014 Sherwin
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Saturday, March 8 2014

Filipino Cager Kris Rosales Aims NBA D-League team

A Filipino basketball player identified as Kris Rosales aims to find a team at the NBA D-league. At an early age, Rosales already wanted to be part of the NBA.


For those self-anointed Philippine Basketball enthusiasts, I am pretty sure you won’t be thrilled with this news anymore since you already have the idea that this won't be a “first” of its kind.

Currently, there are a few personalities in the NBA who have Filipino roots. First is Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. He guided Miami into a back to back championships together with a number of Eastern Conference titles and Finals appearances. He’s been the coach of the Heat since 2008 and the mentor of the best basketball player in the planet today, Lebron James. The other one is Nate Robinson of the Denver Nuggets. He claimed that he is 1/8 Filipino because of his Filipina mother(this is still yet to be proven).

08 Mar 2014 Sherwin
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Sunday, February 23 2014

Hideaki Akaiwa's Unbelievable Rescue Attempt, the Spirit of Japan’s Real Life Man of Steel

Hideaki Akaiwa defied his friends advice and put his life in peril. A worth it decision that saved the life of his beloved wife aftera monstrous retaliation of mother nature occurred in 2011. Read his heroic and inspiring rescue attempt.

Modern day greatness isn't measured by slaying hundreds of villains. Heroism isn't just measured on how many people you helped with, but rather it's all about being brave enough to face adversities in life. Hideaki Akaiwa, "Japan's real life man of steel", exactly did this heroic deeds couple of years ago.

Hideaki Akaiwa displayed his bravery and heroism when a great tsunami hit Japan in March 2011. Hideaki was at work when the disaster occurred. Despite the advice from his peers to just stay on a safer ground and just wait for the army to do the search and rescue operation, Hideaki wasn't able to stand doing nothing while his wife was in a life and death situation and trapped in their house.

23 Feb 2014 Sherwin
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Saturday, February 15 2014

Interesting Trivia | Facts about February – the Love Month

This is the month that all lovers are waiting for. I don’t know what’s with this month that makes people romantically ecstatic. To those who haven’t found their partners yet or to those who just came from a fresh break-up, they just want to get through this month quickly. But aside from the fact that February 14 is St. Valentine’s day, what more do you know about the month of February?

Let me give you some interesting facts about the "Love" month.


  • The original calendar only had ten months in it. In 700 BC, the second king of Rome Numa Pompilius added January and February to the end of the calendar in order to conform to how long it actually takes the Earth to go around the Sun. Originally, they both have 28 days bat January got a few more days later on.
  • It wasn't until 700 B.C. when the Romans finally recognized and marked the winter months and named them January and February.
  • February was named after the ancient festival of purification in Rome. Coincidentally, there is also a Roman God called Februus, although he was named after the said festival.
  • Until Julius Caesar’s changes in 45BC, February was the only month with an even number of days.
15 Feb 2014 Sherwin
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