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Monday, January 12 2015

Word Wild Trending Photography a.k.a “Selfie”

Did you know that the wildest and ever trending form of photography is known as "selfie"?


Advancement of Technology Reinvents Life Experience

One of the most influential arts is photography especially now that most of our phones have built-in cameras. People can now easily capture unlimited pictures, unlike before we need films to shoot photographs.

When communication technologies released the Android innovation, users in social media relatively increased. Philippines, for example, is nearly becoming a Wi-Fi zone country. Almost all of the public places in the metro are now connected to the internet. Social media addicts really enjoy it especially women who are really fond of taking pictures or should I say “selfie”.

12 Jan 2015 Mikalalalo
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Sunday, January 11 2015

'Into the Woods' Movie Trailer | A Masterpiece from Hollywood Filmmakers

See a film that is being called “Masterpiece”, Into the woods Movie Trailer

A Walt Disney pictures goes to the dark side of fairytale with their new musical movie titled "Into the woods".


Photo (C): Walt Disney 2014.

Stephen Sondheim, an American composer and lyricist known for his immense contribution in musical play, extended his work and produced 'Into the woods'. It is originally a stage show opened in the US in 1987 and has been revived constantly. The film has been adapted from the book of James Lapine, who wrote it for Sondheim production.

11 Jan 2015 Mikalalalo
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Sunday, January 4 2015

Tragic Theater 2015 Movie Trailer (The Exorcism at the Film Center)

The movie trailer of the controversial horror film, "Tragic Theater (2015)" directed by Tikoy Aguiluz, was released last month which depicts extreme acts of exorcism.


One of the famous local movie maker, Viva Films, finally produced a quality horror film relating to a real life story of local spiritual communicators titled 'Tragic Theater', a film about exorcism incidents. The movie is based from a popular novel written by G.M. Coronel. It tells a story about a group of “spiritual communicators” who dared to exorcise the souls of buried people in the abandoned Manila Film Center in February 1999. It was said that over 150 construction workers instantly died because the building allegedly collapsed in 1981. According to the story, the building was placed under rush construction and it was leveled down due to a very bad weather condition. The exorcists didn’t know that the building is feeding on the misery and anger of lost souls. They walked and faced a horrifying encounter. It was already too late for all them when they learned the dark secret of the place.

04 Jan 2015 Mikalalalo
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Monday, December 29 2014

The SpongeBob Movie 2: 'Sponge out of water' Trailer is out!

Are you ready kids? Or are you ready to be kids again?... I can’t hear you “AYE AYE CAPTAIN”... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?... “SpongeBob square pants”...

Nickelodeon is up to release its second movie "The SpongeBob Movie 2: 'Sponge out of water'".


29 Dec 2014 Mikalalalo
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Friday, December 26 2014

2014 Philippine Holiday Bank Schedules

Shoppers are too busy this holiday season but we would like to remind everyone to take note of the bank schedules to avoid penalties on your credit card payments.


The Philippine banks announced earlier that starting December 24, 2014 to January 4, 2015 no over the counter transactions can be processed because they are closed during this period. However, we still have one good news to all of you. On December 29, 2014, banks are open to serve you. It is only for one day so be sure to mark that on your calendar if you need to pay your bills of your credit card or if you have to deposit or withdraw money from your savings account.

26 Dec 2014 Mikalalalo
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'Manyakis sa Jeep' Caught on Video Staring at Woman's Breast

An unidentified jeepney passenger was caught on camera staring at the woman's breast. The video of the said incident has gone viral on social media.


Women beware of perverts when riding a public utility jeep. Early December, a video showing a man deliberately staring the breast of the woman inside a jeepney has caught the attention of netizens. The said clip is titled "Manyakis sa Jeep".

26 Dec 2014 Mikalalalo
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Monday, December 8 2014

Class Suspension Announced by Palace due to Typhoon Ruby

December 8, 2014, Monday, President Benigno Ninoy Aquino III declared Class suspensions at all levels and work in government offices in Metro Manila, Region IV-A and Region IV-B. Only people who are assigned to help certain districts will report to work today due to the frightening typhoon Ruby with a maximum sustained winds of 120 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 150 kph.


08 Dec 2014 Mikalalalo
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Saturday, December 6 2014

Blank Space by Taylor Swift (VIDEO): It’s not Just the Song but the Clothes!

This article is under review. A proof reader is assigned to correct possible errors.

Taylor Swift is unstoppable! She started from being the acoustic girl who dropped her tears on her guitar to being the girl next door who sings and writes pop love songs. Her first hit song "Tear Drops on my Guitar" was a product out of a guy named Drew who mistakenly broke her heart during her high school. Thanks to that guy now she’s a super star.


06 Dec 2014 Mikalalalo
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Typhoon Ruby "Hagupit" to Enter Philippines

Every year Philippines and other countries in Asia namely Cambodia, China, Korea, Hongkong-China, Japan, Laos, Macau-China, Malaysia, Micronesia, Thailand, and Vietnam—along with the US, work with five lists of contributed names for tropical cyclones. As for the Philippines, the names we've contributed to the list includes "Maliksi," "Danas," "Lupit," and "Talas."So far, we're using 'Hagupit'.


06 Dec 2014 Mikalalalo
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Thursday, November 27 2014

21, Young and Mom | Wishing to be Whole Again for Him

Some say I am no longer a teenager and I should not think I’m young enough for a new kind of responsibility. I would not disagree, but at this early stage where my life is just about to begin I really don’t know where to put myself. I got pregnant without plans of having one but feeling a heartbeat inside of me is what I call a miracle.


When you get pregnant you’ll be in three trimesters and in my first I’ve been to the point where I denied and didn’t care at all. I didn't know what to expect when the pregnancy kit indicated a positive result until we decided to consult a medical expert.

27 Nov 2014 Mikalalalo
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