Sunday, June 19 2016

Watch: ASAP Performance of Sarah Geronimo, Sings Don't Let Me Down

The production number of Sarah Geronimo on ASAP performing the hit song Don't Let Me Down earned positive feedback from the followers of the weekend variety show.

Sarah Geronimo, who is recently rumored to be pregnant, remarkably surprised the audience of ASAP last Sunday. Wearing a pair of black crop top and leggings, she walked out from the back stage and stunned the crowd when she started to belt out the popular hit of "The Chainsmokers".

Commenters on social media shared their words of appreciation on the emotional and intense opening number of the Popstar Princess. Sarah didn't fail her supporters up until the end of her performance.

In the video below, you will surely appreciate the versatility of Sarah Geronimo. Her dancing skills has elevated to the levels of known professional dance crews. Sarah as well maintained her stylish sexy outfit that suits to the production number.

19 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Mistress of Sunshine Dizon's Husband Lives in the Same Building

The lover of Sunshine Dizon's husband is reportedly living in the same building, according to news reports. The furious actress found out the secret of her husband after she discovered a greeting card that contains sweet messages from the said woman.

19 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Human Rights Group Says, 'Stop The Curfew Activities'

Human rights groups are reacting to the multiple reports involving the arrest of children who violated the curfew guidelines in their area. The advocates said, the curfew needs to be stopped immediately because they observed "traumatic and indiscriminate" actions during the confrontation between the arresting officers and children.

Similar human rights advocate raised concern regarding the alleged "draconian measures and methods" of the curfew policy in various villages in Metro Manila. They said there has been clear violations and manifestations of cruelty when the police officers capture their targets.

Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan(SPARK) National Secretariat Joanne Lim comdemns the assumption that an underage or minors are automatically suspected of doing criminal activities. Lim's statement was quoted by ABS-CBN news:

Ang assumption sa'yo bilang menor de edad na gumagala passed the curfew ay may ginagawang criminal activity.

19 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Taxi Driver Sexually Abused A Drunk Woman Passenger Then Brought the Victim Back to her Apartment

A taxi driver raped a 20-year-old woman who was no longer on her senses. She reportedly boarded a cab together with her friends in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig last Friday. Though the victim was heavily intoxicated, she was confident that she would be safe in the taxi.

The friends of the rape victim narrated the details of their unexpected nightmare to the local reporters. They said the sex maniac taxi driver offered them a ride in Bonifacio Global City(BGC). According to the witnesses, while they were traveling, two of them decided to use a restroom leaving the other girl inside the cab. This gave an opportunity to the taxi driver, Ramil Marco Neric, to drove away from the area and took the girl to a certain hotel in Pasig city where she was raped repeatedly.


Reason why you would further hate this rapist

In similar crime, the suspect would usually leave the victim after the assault. However, in this incident, the rapist even had the courage to bring the victim back to her own apartment. This made us think that this man could have raped several women the fact that he had the guts to send off the victim to her house.

Another reason why you need to hate this man is the fact that he was aware that the other women had a selfie with him. His entire face was captured in the photo but then he still pursued his plan in raping Chloe. We don't now if he is just sick or whatnot.

19 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Cebu Pacific CEO Lance Gokongwei Flies PAL Plane to Davao

The president and CEO of Cebu Pacific, Lance Gokongwei, flew to Davao via Philippine Airlines (PAL). The rare incident immediately became a main topic on social media when ABS-CBN news published the story. 


The only son of taipan John Gokongwei is scheduled to participate a business conference in Davao city.

According to reports, Cebu Pacific is the largest Airlines in the country but for some odd reasons Lance Gokongwei decided to have an economy flight of PAL. He was wearing a mint blue shirt. The billionaire quietly boarded the plane and went straight to his economy seat. However, ABS-CBN photographer Joel Guinto was able to snap a photo while he was on the aisle of the airplane.

19 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Friday, June 17 2016

Bela Padilla Has a New Look, Short Hair Stuns Fans

An astonishing new look of the sexy actress Bela Padilla stuns her fans and her short hair makes her look more vibrant than ever.

No one has ever thought that the former "Ang Probinsyano" star would have a haircut shorter than what she originally had. It's nice to see her though that she even looks amazing with her new hairdo.

Padilla is currently off your televisions screen and she has no regular TV shows but the 25-year-old celebrity is still active in the industry. In fact, she is currently filming a certain movie together with young actresses Arci Munoz, Yassi Pressman, Andi Eigenmann and Kim Molina.

Despite the busy schedule and her required provincial tour to complete the filming of the movie, Bela was still able to free some of her time and took the chance to post recent pictures on her Instagram account showing her new hair cut. In a separate report, the photos circulating on the web were allegedly taken in a famous beach resort in Bantayan, Cebu.

In one of the pictures she uploaded on social media, netizens went crazy with her sexy curves and bootylicious poses. Check the photo below and tell us what you think about it.

17 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Suspect Who Raped a Woman in a Colorum Van Killed by Police

The second rapist who went hiding after the primary suspect got arrested this week was killed by the police officers when he attempted to grab the pistol of the authorities. The man was linked to the rape incident involving two women passengers who boarded the colorum van last Friday morning.

The suspect identified as Alfie "Buddy" Turado was mobbed by the residents in Barangay Obrero, Quezon City before the arrestig officers arrived at the area.

At the police precinct, Alfie admitted that he was the accomplice of Wilfredo Lorenzo but he denied his involvement in the rape case. He said to the detectives that Lorenzo forced him to drive the colorum van so Wilfredo can execute his plans of molesting the passengers.

17 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Sunday, June 12 2016

Lebron James Steps Over GSW Player, Draymond Green Suspended

Did Lebron James intentionally stepped over Draymond Green to initiate a technical foul? Is Lebron a sore loser?

The national basketball league issued a one-game suspension against the Golden State Warriors' aggresive player Draymond Green after he reacted to Lebron James who stepped over him in Game 4 of the NBA finals.

When the clock was down to 2:42 in the 4th quarter of the match, Lebron threw Draymond down the floor and the former somewhat stared down the GSW cager. A few moments later, the two went face to face with some words causing the referee to halt the game.

12 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Jessy Mendiola's Skills in Pole Dancing Tested on TV

A not so ordinary role was portrayed by Jessy Mendiola testing her physical strengths and skills in pole dancing. The Kapamilya star earned praises after netizens watched the full episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya(MMK), the longest anthology TV series in the Philippines.

Jessy Mendiola was seen many times dancing on stage. She did sexy swag dance and also tried the viral "work" dance and some other vine-like videos showing her jessylicous dance moves. Many fans, however, were stunned when she did an amazing pole dance on one of the episodes of MMK.

12 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Facebook Insults Philippine Independence Day Celebration

Did Facebook INSULT Filipinos thru its greeting about Philippine Independence day?

Facebook is known for keeping its beloved users fully aware on important national holidays. The company has a certain feature that enables to blast a message to announce and greet its active users depending on its geographical location.

The intelligent design of the famous company had an epic fail today when it sent a wrong message to Filipino netizens who are commemorating their National Independence. A certain blog post described the failure of Facebook.

Though the mistake of Facebook wasn't really that critical to some people, thousands of Filipinos are still concerned on the graphical presentation of the national emblem of the country. The flag was inverted which could denote a very negative meaning to Filipino nationals.

12 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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