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    Google Domains Mistakenly Exposed Hundreds of Customer Email Addresses

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    DIVATUDE | Are Divas Born or Made?

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    VIRAL: Andrea Brillantes Sex Videos

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    Divers Saw Mysterious Giant Sea Creature in Ticao Island (VIDEO)

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    Enrique Gil's Naruto Move, Is He Really Gentleman or Gentlem@ni@c

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    Heartless Act: Old Woman Locked Behind Steel Gate in Manila (Photo)

DIVATUDE | Are Divas Born or Made?


Are divas really born or made? Does it come with DNA or technology? At the age of six, I wonder what and how divas are made. Between Kim Kardashian...

31 Jul 2015 anonymous

VIRAL: Andrea Brillantes Sex Videos


Two copies of Andrea Brillantes sex videos reached the evil hands and were posted online. The 27-second video allegedly shows the private parts of the...

09 Jul 2015 DiversityHuman