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USJR Sex Scandal 2013 Viral Video: USJR Student will Graduate

USJR Sex Scandal 2013 Viral Video: USJR Student Graduate


The University of San Jose–Recoletos (USJR) is helping the female student involved in the viral usjr sex video scandal and assured that the student will graduate next month once she complies with necessary academic requirements of her course.


In a press conference yesterday, USJR president Rev. Fr. Enrico Peter Silab said the school has been helping the student even before the sex video proliferated and the issue reached the media.

Silab said the university has undertaken measures to help the girl finish her course “with the minimum amount of exposure so as to protect her privacy.”

Contrary to reports, USJR did not expel the girl student in the sex scandal video and the university had set up an arrangement in which the girl is allowed to report to her professors outside of class for her lessons. She is also permitted to continue her internship.

“Her thesis defense was scheduled and will proceed on the date set by her professor,” Silab said.

He also clarified that the girl is not a university scholar but has a scholarship grant from a certain benefactor.

Investigation of USJR Sex Scandal 2013 Viral Video

The university admitted that it conducted an investigation to determine whether school policies were violated.


But when the USJR Sex Scandal 2013 video went viral, the inquiry was diverted to primarily prioritize the student’s physical and psychological well being.

The USJR will still pursue its investigation of the USJR sex video scandal but it will not aim to impose penalties on her but to help the student to move on through psychological help.

“The investigation is aimed to find the root cause and to seriously take preventive measures to avoid this from happening again in the future,” Silab said.

“Students, faculty and personnel who find themselves harassed, disrespected or bullied are urged to take photographic recording or video evidence that will identify the perpetrator for easier prosecution under the law. We call on the proper authorities to help safeguard the wellbeing of our students as adamantly as we do; and we condemn those who uploaded, continue to upload, shared, continue to share, and maliciously commented or, in any way, added fuel to this conflagration,” he announced.

Section 4 of the Republic Act 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act 2009 prohibits the act of reproducing or copying of video or photo of sexual act “or any similar activity with or without consideration.”

On February 5, the university administration suspended the requirement of wearing the uniforms following incidents of harassment, bullying and ridicule against its students over the scandal.

However, Silab announced the wearing of uniforms will resume on February 11.

Source: Philstar news

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