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Marjorie Barretto Nude Photo Scandal May 2013

Marjorie Barretto Nude Photo Scandal May 2013


Marjorie Barretto is in deep trouble amid her campaign as a reelectionist councilor in Caloocan City.

On May 4, 2013, netizens were shocked with the alleged Marjorie Barretto nude photo scandal. The two photos circulating in social networking sites show a likeness of Barretto posing and smiling in an intimate setting.

The first shows the woman with a portion of her shirt lifted up to expose her right breast while her legs are covered by a blanket. There is no breast exposure in the second photo, but the legs are spread wide open, exposing her black underwear as her left leg is propped up by the protruding leg of the photographer (InterAksyon).

At first, many believed that it was just a product of Computer-generated imagery (CGI) but one graphics supervisor said that if the consistency of the background lighting and shadows are considered, one can conclude that the photo is authentic ( also mentioned that an art director said that the nude photo of Marjorie Barretto is fake considering the smudges and shadows on her neck and chin were inconsistent. The art director also claimed that Marjorie's head was just placed on another woman's body who had a breast exposure.

In a statement, Marjorie Barretto firmly said:

"No. That's not me. I would never do something like that. That's not my nature."

Barretto vowed to enlist the help of the National Bureau of Investigation in finding out the source of the photos, which were originally published by tabloid Hataw on Friday.

She did not speculate if the circulation of the photos is related to the ongoing feud that has split her family.

Marjorie Barretto is the mother of Star Magic 2013 member, Julia Barretto.

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