Sharon Stone: Filipinos are Stupid

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Sharon Stone said "Filipinos are Stupid"

Sharon-stone-lawsuit.jpgHollywood actress Sharon Stone is under fire and headed to court due to a lawsuit case filed by her children’s former nanny, Erlinda T. Elemen, for wrongful termination, retaliation and harassment for unspecified damages.

Elemen began working for Stone in 2006, and was later promoted to live in nanny for Stone’s three children. Stone is accused of repeatedly harassing Elemen and making verbal abuse which includes disparaging remarks about her ethnicity, berating her for her religion and even forbidding her from reading the Bible in her own room in Sharon's house.

The former nanny is seeking unspecified damages for harassment and wrongful termination. She was fired last year after Stone allegedly accused her of stealing overtime pay. Elemen says she refused to return overtime pay that she had earned while watching Stone's kids over the holidays.

According to reports, Stone would tell Elemen not to speak to the children because she didn’t want them to “talk like you.”

And the most shocking revealation of Elemen is Sharon Stone's comment that Filipinos are "stupid."

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Stone’s publicist says that Elemen, who was fired nearly 15 months ago, “is obviously looking for another opportunity to cash in. This is a frivolous lawsuit for absurd claims that are made-up and fabricated. Sharon Stone will be completely vindicated in court."

Elemen's spokesman, Eric Rose, said in response, "We can't wait to see Ms. Stone in court."

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Accusing someone with too specific complains require strong evidence. I am wondering if Erlinda T. Elemen found someone to testify in the court and prove that Sharon Stone is indeed guilty of those accusations.

Per Stone's publicist "claims are made-up and fabricated". I just hope that the case would turn out positive for Elemen else it would be much more shameful to Filipinos.

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What's so shocking about that? Everyone, other than Filipinos themselves, is well aware that Filipinos are indeed stupid...

hahaha Wednesday, July 18 2012 - 03:49

Easy boy,

We know your exact location.

Don't be too racist.

Anonymous Thursday, July 19 2012 - 00:56

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