Monday, January 16 2017

'Negligence and Arrogance' of a Doctor in Cavite Killed a Patient Experiencing Cardiac Arrest

A medical practitioner and licensed doctor in a certain hospital in Cavite allegedly declined to assist a patient experiencing cardiac arrest at the emergency room of the hospital. The doctor's 'negligence and arrogance' resulted to the death of the elderly patient.

16 Jan 2017 DiversityHuman
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Tuesday, July 12 2016

Two Men Raped a 16-year-old Girl in Quezon City

A 16-year-old girl was alternately raped by two men after she felt dizzy due to excessive liquor intake during a birthday celebration in Quezon city.

The girl, whose name was kept confidential for being a minor, was allegedly invited by her ex-boyfriend to attend a birthday party in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon city. She confirmed the invite and went to the venue believing that the suspect would do no harm to her. In the location, the victim was also confident having conversation with the companion of her previous lover. These false assumptions allowed the suspects to easily fulfill their evil plan.


At the middle of the birthday celebration, the girl was already intoxicated which gave the suspects a chance to execute their sexual motives. The ex-boyfriend of the teenager was the first one who sexually abused her while the other man was just staring at them. A few moments later, the second guy started to fondle the girl and decided to participate the molestation.

12 Jul 2016 DiversityHuman
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Monday, June 27 2016

Woman's Brutal Treatment of a Senior Citizen Infuriates Netizens

A brutal treatment of another elderly man infuriates Filipino netizens when the video became viral on social media. The unidentified man is too old enough to repel the strikes from a woman who didn't bother if she would kill the old man.

Several furious netizens are trying to put all the clues together hoping that they could locate the victim. They are thinking that this could be just somewhere in Luzon.

In the video, the suspect believed to be a pregnant woman scoops water to help the man in taking his daily bath. For whatever reason, the woman used the dipper to hit the elderly family member. Several blows went straight onto the head of the senior citizen.


27 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Taxi Driver Lured Girl Student for Rape Plan in Antipolo

A taxi driver in Antipolo was caught in act of raping a grade school student in a remote area of a certain subdivision in Antipolo. The driver allegedly forced the victim to board the car despite the firm rejection of the young girl.
A grade 5 student was reportedly lured by a taxi driver to have a ride in the cab when she was spotted by the suspect walking on a road in Antipolo. The student was on her way home after she completed selling a set of smoked fish in Barangay Mayamot.
Local news outlets mentioned that the grade 5 pupil was really hesitant to take the ride. The taxi driver, however, grabbed the kid and buckled her up at the front seat. In the same report, the driver allegedly asked for directions to a certain location and promised to the victim that he will personally send her home.
The suspect identified as Harry Soriano twisted the agreement then brought the girl to a dark grassy area in Antipolo where he tried to sexually harass the helpless student. Fortunately, there were Barangay officials and a police patrol who immediately noticed the parked vehicle.

27 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Sunday, June 26 2016

Colorful Houses in Benguet: Huge Masterpiece to Draw More Tourists and Travelers

Houses located on the hillside of Benguet will soon become another tourist attraction in the province after the Department of Tourism transformed the place into a colorful mural.

La Trinidad, Benguet previously had a negative image in welcoming tourists because of the color dead houses situated on the hills which is the primary route of the travelers when they tour the province. The recent transformation, however, could entirely change the perspective of the visitors of the town.

Gloria Agasen, project coordinator, together with the Tam-awan Village artists will complete the mural in the coming weeks. Agasen said this idea could potentially "promote more sustainable tourism in the region".

This month, the team completed the painting of over 18,000 square meters or 150 houses which will have huge sunflower designs in it once everything is done.

26 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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[Cruelty]Video of Physically Abused Elderly Went Viral on Social Media

A 91-second video clip showing a physically abused elderly has gone viral on social media. The old man who could hardly move tried to evade the cruelty of a woman who slapped him with a slipper.

Disrespectful and heartless treatment are just some of the few descriptions of the netizens on the viral video circulating on social media. The old man crawled on the floor to move away from the woman who repeatedly attacked him. 

The old man apparently complained to the attacker when he sufferred unbearable pain after the woman hit his head with a book. Prior to this, he was also kicked somewhere on his knee. 

It is safe to assume that the suspect could potentially be one of the family members or relative of the elderly man, according to one commenter on Facebook. Others have the same conclusion citing that the surrounding appears to be an extended family setup.

Also in the video, you can hear some people laughing from the background when the old man received the unrestrained assault.

26 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Cancer Survivor Contestant in Britain's Got Talent Earns Golden Buzzer

A teenager earned the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell after her fabulous performance in Britain's Got Talent. 

Calysta Bevier, 16-year-old singer from Grand Rapids in the state of Ohio, bravely joined the reality TV show Britain's Got Talent where she shared an emotional message regarding her health condition and how she faced the challenge to chase her dreams.


This teenager isn't an ordinary girl. She was fighting against a stage 2 cancer. Before her performance she openly shared an inspirational note to everyone especially those who are dealing with the agonizing cancer treatment.

26 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Friday, June 24 2016

Killing Boredom At the Middle of Traffic Jam

This Hilarious Video Shows The Best Thing Ever That You Can Do When You Encounter Heavy Traffic

Have you ever thought on how to kill your boredom when you face heavy traffic in the metro? Well, at least one motorist figured out the best thing to do and he just did it outside of his vehicle.

An unknown motorist from Cebu city jumped off from his car and joined a group of children dancing at the middle of traffic jam. In the video, one of passengers in the car encouraged his companion to dance with the kids on the street.

The children who enjoyed entertaining the drivers in that certain location welcomed the man as they continue to dance while smiling to the onlookers.

24 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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DOJ Junks Tanim-Bala Complaint of American Tourist, Plane Passenger Becomes a Suspect

The Department of Justice(DOJ) dismissed the "Tanim-bala complaint" of an American plane passenger. The decision of the officials, appointed by the Aquino administration, concluded the case of Lane Michael White.

The decision of DOJ was quite alarming to the extent that the chief officer of the Public Attorney's Office was disappointed to the judicial system of the country. To the dismay of Atty. Persida Acosta, she aired her sentiments in an interview conducted by a field reporter of ABS-CBN news. The lawyer explained the unfair decision of the court citing that the agency is quick in blaming plane passengers when these people were caught with bullets in their luggage. Hence, the court appears too bias to the victims.

Why was the case absolved by DOJ?

Contents of the decision and the reason why the complaint was junked by DOJ had been revealed in a local report. The court purportedly did not find any probable cause and involvement of the Office of Transportation Security(OTS) personnel regarding the alleged "Tanim-Bala" modus last September 17, 2015. Moreover, DOJ said that there was no valid evidence that would prove the alleged extortion.

In short, DOJ concluded that the documents submitted by the complainants didn't have any substantial information to prove that the OTS officers are guilty of the crime.

24 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Fake Policeman Threatened to Kill a Motorist in Pasig City

A man who identified himself as a member of International Police Commission (Philippine Command) threatened to pull his pistol after a motorist confronted him for his arrogance on the road. The fake cop allegedly tried swerving to the lane where the victims were driving their motorcycles.

The initial normal conversation between the fake police identified as Lawrence Michael Arabia and college student CJ Navarra escalated to a road rage. In a certain report, CJ claimed that the 38-year-old man changed lanes at the middle of a heavy traffic on Jenny's Avenue in Maybunga, Pasig city. When CJ noticed that the car was way too close to them that they almost had a collision, Navarra gently told the driver to give them a little space to avoid any accident.

The argument sparked after Lawrence Michael Arabia showed them his Interpolcom ID together with a mission order. The boastful fake policeman even threatened to kill the biker with his handgun.

"Pulis ako, gusto mong barilin kita?", said Arabia.

24 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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